10 years ago … the coming of Intel, and me, to Apple computers

[10 anni fa] Dieci anni di Mac-Intel →

Yesterday my friend Domenico published a long and detailed article remembering the 10th anniversary of Apple abandoning PPC processor and embrace to Intel ones.

The same Intel and the same CPU they, for a long time, had mocked in their advertising.

In those days I was working as a teacher for CIFIR and had started my collaboration with an architecture & engineering studio in Bari, providing them tech support for hardware and software support, their integration in the studio’s LAN and improving their collaboration workflow.

I had some money spare, and was willing to finally learn also about OS X (in my university years or at home I never had the chance to do so). So when in mid. 2006 the – white – MacBook became available I made “the switch” too …

It was an amazing journey into a world of really good software design, were things worked almost automagically, and I kept asking myself why there weren’t more Apple on the streets and kept getting benefits of both commercial and open source software. OSS that most of the time was also better looking and performing than the Windows or GNU/Linux counterparts (Adium, Colloquy and Cyberduck were – and still are – the best example of this).


[Please note that at the time I was already struggling with the reduced number of available USB port, the Sony Ericsson cellphone and my blogging with WordPress.]

This year we are expecting something exciting in the CPU department from Apple, given the amazing performance’s results of the A9-X processor on the iPad Pro and the level of customization an miniaturization of the (retina) MacBook motherboard