During yesterday Apple has released a bunch of updates for its products. One minor update was made to iMovie which has reached the 10.1.1 release, solving some problems during YouTube sharing. But the most important ones are regarding: iOS 9.2.1, OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan, the browser Safari and the security update 2016-001.

I’ve successfully updated a bunch of Mavericks and El Capitan equipped Macs, alongside some iOS devices without any problem. So update trustfully!

Apple has made public some informations regarding those updates:

This time Apple has also made a Combo Update package available for OS X, permitting to upgrade an 11.11.0 installation without going through all the updates that took place since Sept. 30th 2015 … This package comes handy if you have to update a bunch of machines, and the download size gets up to 1.47 GB (circa 3x the size of a “live” update as I’ve seen so far). I suggest you using this to solve any ‘permission’ problem or other strange behavior of your Mac …

Also this time the download were at least twice as faster than I remembered, both at home and at work. It would be cool if also Apple would start a bittorrent-like update spreading strategy [like Microsoft has begun to implement with Windows 10 updates].

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